Drupal website Audit

Now that you have a working Drupal website, you may want to audit it for certain aspects.

You want to make sure everything is at its place as claimed by your developer.


Drupal website Audit | Joshi Consultancy Services


Drupal site audit :

  • Perform auditing on one Drupal website with one domain.
  • Check custom Drupal modules & Theme for Drupal coding & Security Standard compliance.
  • Review code & identifying unnecessary block of codes. This may add some overhead in processing request and/or loading time.
  • Review all the features of the Drupal website, testing. This is to make sure they work as desired and there are no issues.
  • Review & confirming security of the features & Drupal website as a whole.
  • Benchmarking page load speed & compliance with Google PageSpeed and mobile device compatibility.
  • Auditing of accessibility by evaluating the website on http://wave.webaim.org and https://web.dev/measure
  • Integrity check of HTML & CSS using W3C HTML & CSS validation tools.
  • Prepare a technical report which covers all the Drupal website Audit details carried out in above steps.