Drupal website Audit

Drupal website Audit is a continues process. This allows to check & confirm the integrity & well-being of the website to deliver an uninterrupted user experience. Drupal website Audit should be carried out at a certain period, if not often.

The motive behind this auditing process, is to identify any errors, issues or security threats at an earlier stage. This prevents them from growing and causing major damages on the Drupal website.



Drupal website Audit | Joshi Consultancy Services


Drupal website audit :

  • Perform auditing on one Drupal website with one domain.
  • How recent your Drupal core version is. If it is older, we suggest you to update it before the process starts.
  • Check custom Drupal modules & Theme for Drupal coding & Security Standard compliance.
  • Review code & identifying redundant blocks of codes. This may add some overhead in processing request and/or loading time.
  • Review all the features of the Drupal website, testing. This is to make sure they work as desired and there are no issues.
  • Review & confirming security of the individual features & Drupal website as a whole.
  • Benchmarking page load speed & compliance with Google Lighthouse and various mobile device compatibility.
  • Auditing of accessibility by evaluating the website on http://wave.webaim.org and https://web.dev/measure
  • Integrity check of HTML & CSS using W3C HTML & CSS validation tools.
  • Prepare a technical report which covers all the Drupal website Audit details carried out in above steps.


How we do it

  • We request a copy of the Drupal website to be audited along with DB and all the dependencies.
  • We then set up the site on our development environment & review the Drupal website.
  • We provide screen recordings of the auditing process along with a technical report.
  • The technical report will help you in fixing issues on your Drupal website.
  • This auditing process does not fix any pertaining issues.