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Hire Developers

Joshi Consultancy Services is always engaged in providing a flawless services to its clients. Our solutions add values to the businesses we work with. In order to achieve that, We offer to hire developers virtually. 


  • Dedicated resource(s) work on the client's project all the time.
  • Client can communicate directly to any of the team members involved in the project, at any time during working hours.
  • Discuss about progress of the project, provide feedback & suggest improvements.
  • Clients can test features at any time, from anywhere. We host the sites on cloud during development with directory level protection.
  • Clients can provide feedback and our developers will take care of it.
  • Eliminates unnecessary delay & communication gap by offering a single point of contact, available all the time during working hours.
  • Hire Developers as long as you need. No long term commitments, No Exit Package!


We send resume and experience details of the developers and client decides to hire them. All the developers work at our premises, use all our infrastructures! So our clients can concentrate on project and its progress where ever they are:

  • Select the developers to work on the project.
  • Do not have to build infrastructure and facilities for developers.
  • Do not have to manage developers.
  • Client can learn the status every day, check the progress on our server and provide feedback.
  • Request changes in features at any time at no extra costs.
  • With Agile methodology, you get updates on regular basis. You can't miss anything about your project.
  • At any time, during working hours, you can talk to developers!
  • We are community contributors. Based on your consent, we contribute very generic code to community. This does not include the code that is core to your business.
  • All your business secrets are safe with us. We do not disclose any documents/material or any resources you share with us, to any other third party. We provide confidentiality agreement.
  • Full compliance with USA, EU / UK GDPR, and Canadian compliance built-in, including Canadian data residency.
  • You do not have to pay extra perks, insurance cover or stock options to these developers. We will manage them.
  • We follow Agile methodology & scrum practices.


Our developers are highly skilled, experienced, competent, have highest integrity, dedicated, self motivated and team players. They can take up any challenge. All our Developers strictly follow Industry Best Practices, Coding & Security Standards. 

We put lots of efforts to train our developers and make them competent for any challenges. After all, we are not a sweatshop


Who to Hire:


Cost (160 hours)
Availability (Hours/Week)
Change Requests








*Payment method fees/taxes, if any/applicable should be paid by the client.

**Extra hours will be charged on hourly rate basis.

US $50 + payment method fees, if any/applicable for extra hours.

US $60 + payment method fees, if any/applicable for extra hours.

US $70 + payment method fees, if any/applicable for extra hours.