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Education Above All (EAA) – Creating New Futures for Children

EAA engages in a transformative mission: to empower the millions of children worldwide denied their basic right to education.

Their work unfolds on the ground in communities and in the policy arenas, aiming to reach the underprivileged and forgotten.

One programme making waves is their 'Educate A Child' initiative. Launched in 2012, it strives to reduce the global number of out-of-school children. To date, it has changed millions of lives, offering children access to primary education.

But EAA’s impact doesn't stop there. It extends to higher education and skills development, providing scholarship opportunities to displaced students and carving avenues for a brighter future.

In essence, EAA shines as a beacon of hope, their comprehensive fight against educational deprivation setting a global example. Their mission lights the path for an educated, empowered world.

Why Drupal was chosen

In the journey of empowering children through education, EAA required a robust digital platform capable of managing their extensive and diverse network of associated websites. Enter Drupal.

One of Drupal's standout features that appealed to EAA was its scalability. As EAA grew and its digital presence expanded, Drupal's inherent ability to adapt and manage the sprawling ecosystem of sub-sites became an invaluable asset. Regardless of adding new languages or integrating third-party applications, Drupal's flexible architecture accommodated all.

But Drupal wasn't chosen just for its scalability. Its fortified security measures played a critical role in EAA's decision-making process. Tasked with handling sensitive data, EAA needed a platform capable of staunchly protecting against any potential cyber threats.

Last but not least, Drupal's superior content management capabilities aligned beautifully with EAA's diverse content needs. From blog posts to educational resources, Drupal's comprehensive taxonomy and content moderation systems facilitated seamless organisation, management, and publication of content.

Ultimately, Drupal emerged as the lynchpin in EAA's digital strategy due to its scalability, robust security and powerful content management—attributes that have enabled EAA to forge ahead in their mission with confidence.

In the subsequent sections of this case study, we'll delve into how EAA utilises these Drupal features to drive their day-to-day operations. Ready to move onto the next section?

The EAA Development Project: A Comprehensive Drupal Ecosystem

The development project for Education Above All (EAA) wasn't just about creating a website. It was about creating a multi-faceted digital ecosystem to serve their global initiative.

The project centred around the main EAA website, a robust and evolving hub for all the EAA's programmes and initiatives. Here, users could find comprehensive information about EAA's mission, the projects they run and the partners they collaborate with.

Yet, it was the vast network of subsites that exemplified the scope and breadth of the EAA development project. Each of these subsites corresponded to a different initiative within the EAA, offering a more in-depth exploration of individual programmes. Each subsite was built with a unique feel, yet maintained a cohesive theme tying it back to the main EAA site.

The subsites include:

1. 'Educate a Child' - The programme's specific intention, achievements, and future goals are highlighted here.
2. 'Protecting Education in Insecurity and Conflict' (PEIC) - This subsite tackles the complex issues surrounding education in conflict zones.

3. 'Al Fakhoora' & 'Rohingya' - These reflect EAA's work in providing higher education and empowerment opportunities to displaced students.

Drupal's multi-site feature was instrumental in managing this extensive digital landscape. This allowed for shared resources and functionalities across all websites, while still allowing each subsite to maintain its individuality.

The development project was a success not only in terms of creating a dynamic and engaging online presence for EAA but also in developing a scalable platform that can grow and adapt with their mission.

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