Special offer for Non Profit Organisations

Non profit organisations have to be careful with how much they spend because they don't have a lot of money to work with. That's why we offer a 50% discount to all charities across the world. We offer web solutions that fit into your budget. We offer web application development and consultation at discounted rates. Our solutions are based on open source software and scripts like PHP, Drupal / Drupal 8 / Drupal 9, CodeIgniter and WordPress, AngularJs, ReactJs, VueJS, NodeJS, and other front-end technologies.


Special offer for Non Profit Organisations

We've got a solution that'll take care of the following problems for non-profits:

  • Issues with features and Drupal site as a whole.
  • Security vulnerabilities and unstable contributed modules.
  • Features that have needed enhancements for a while.
  • Poor user experience (UX) and look and feel (UI).



We will help Non Profits with:


  • Development / migration of new web applications.
  • Maintenance of your existing web application.
  • Quick support to fix an issue or two.
  • Enhancements or creating new features on your existing website.
  • Consultation to solve your queries and other web application development questions.
  • Migrate existing Drupal website to new server.

...and more.