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Drupal Core & Contributed modules update

Need to update your Drupal site to latest stable release in the same branch? We can ease this burden and handle that for you.

Updating your Drupal core in the same branch can some times causes fatal errors and may break the site. In such cases, it best to leave this important task to us. We will not only update your Drupal core and contributed modules but will also confirm that all the features on your existing website works as before, without causing any other issues on the site! And needless to say, we are very good at it!!

We will

  • Update Drupal core & contributed modules to the latest stable release in the same branch as suggested on 'Available Updates' page
  • take the back up of Drupal website files & DB before update process starts and save it to a safe place
  • Once the update is finished, we will confirm the site and all its features are working as before

Important: If you altered the Drupal core in any way, we will guide you with that after the update is finished.