Our work ranges from one page, stand alone website to a multi-API integrated websites which are used by thousands of users every day. Here is a list of our distinguished work we carried out for our clients around the world. These web applications were developed using PHP, Drupal 8, CodeIgniter, WordPress and other PHP based framework/CMS
Solwise | Joshi Consultancy Services

We migrated this site from Drupal 7 as it is, without changing any of the content or… More

Golf EMS | Joshi Consultancy Services

GolfEMS required an overhaul and core updates which was pending for long. We fixed all the… More

EncyclopediArts | Joshi Consultancy Services

EncyclopediArts is a build from scratch web application using Drupal 8. We started building this… More

DKMS | Joshi Consultancy Services

We inherited the site after the client was not satisfied with previous work. We fixed issues,… More

SABEeX DMS | Joshi Consultancy Services

We inherited SabEex DMS site sometime mid 2017. Here is the story about making it stable, secure… More

Camup TV | Joshi Consultancy Services

CamUP TV was lacking the core feature -- live streaming, which we made happen. Other than that,… More

Passetonbillet | Joshi Consultancy Services

Passetonbillet was not performing well because of lots of issues on the site which were due to… More

Keylet | Joshi Consultancy Services

We carried out maintenance work across the site, tweaking, fixing and enhancing different… More

Summers Floral | Joshi Consultancy Services

Summers Floral required integration with Instagram to fetch the flower images and integration… More

Center for Veterinary Education | Joshi Consultancy Services

One of the most challenging migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 with integration to iMIS CRM… More

Adriatic Transfers | Joshi Consultancy Services

Adriatic Transfers required enhancements to its booking workflow and other tweaks on the site.… More