Startup Catapult Partnership

Do you want to put your great startup idea into reality? A partnership with us can certainly help you with that. We have all the qualified resources who can help you build the Minimum Viable Product that you can pitch to Investors or launch to end users.




Startup Catapult Partnership Program | Joshi Consultancy Services


Build Minimum Viable Product

  • We offer a team of highly experienced resources and one quality control to build the MVP for your start-up.
  • Our team will work on the idea you share with us for 160 hours per month, 40 hours per week.
  • You will have direct communication channel with the team, and they respond immediately during working hours.
  • Dedicated team expedites the development and you get your MVP in short span of time, depending on the features and complexity of the application.

Technical Support to launch Product

  • Always in reach to discuss all the aspects of the product and make changes as required without aiding to cost.
  • Lower turnaround time.
  • Multiple communication channels – Text, video & voice call, email, virtual meeting etc.

Dedicated Resources & Hosting

  • For hosting development version of the application, we offer our servers for free. You can focus only on product instead of recurring cost.
  • Our experienced resources work at discounted rates, per month, paid in the beginning of the month.

Continuous Integration with Continuous Deoployment

  • Build, launch, grow, improve, repeat.
  • With agile practice, we build, launch, and improve your application continuously and deliver it by continues integration & continuous deoployment.
  • We extend our services even after you launch your application.