Add Drupal site to GIT repository

It is hard to maintain multiple copies of the same file and sharing it with all your developers. You never know which one is recent! How about adding your Drupal site to GIT repository?

Adding GIT version control to your web application not only enables you to develop in a collaborative environment but it also create backup copies in time that you can access as and when you desire. You can retrieve any version of the web application in time and set it up!! You never lose any change!!

We will help you adding GIT version control to your existing Drupal web application

Drupal on GIT

  • Add one Drupal site files to your GIT repository of your choice (bitbucket, github, gitlab, etc.)
  • Help you set up a local copy of your Drupal site from repository.
  • Help you with setting up the GIT workflow.

We solved similar problem for our client by adding SABEex DMS to GIT version control.