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Technology + CONTENT = SEO Good online visibility

Over the years industry survey & Market reports regarding online business have realized the importance of the crucial role content plays to determine the success of online Business in the long run.

Content is what matters to consumers which enables them to make informed decisions be it in areas concerning one’s personal life or otherwise, the point is Internet has made people aware of so many things which otherwise would not have been easily possible.

Brand Matters 

Therefore by using proper content , SEO (Search engine optimization), thus aims at improving the visibility of any website as per search engine ranking (SERs). We believe in offering cost effective and business intelligent SEO services to our clients to get higher search engine rankings that in-effect generates a high return on investment (ROI) for your brand.


Search Engine Optimization - SEO | Joshi Consultancy Services


Why SEO - Rational for SEO in today’s highly competitive market

Low Marketing Cost: The deployment of SEO services enables your online business to earn consistent business exposure at very reasonable rates than what it would cost if other means of marketing practices were subscribed to , such as Radio & television ads, PPC, newspapers ADS , which are more costlier options and less effective in promoting online business.

Dedicated global Marketing: The fact that a website undergoes SEO optimization itself makes it

a case for round the clock marketing and that too all across the world , imagine how much would a traditional worldwide marketing attempt cost for a company, but with SEO it hardly costs anything and it still does it’s job of attracting continuous traffic thereby creating high visibility for the business. So your target audience has the choice to know about the products and services any time any day be it a busy day or a lazy holiday and consumers can transact on your website by day or by night.


Why Us

Being a web designing & a software development company , we have the entire menu covered, thus we provide end to end e-com solutions right from building your website to marketing it to the right target audience in order to generate a growing & consistent traffic thereby creating high visibility for your business . Therefore our clients need not look elsewhere in order to have their online business take advantage of our expert SEO optimization services.

Wise-Investment : Your investment will be worthy of our SEO services since we offer it at very affordable rates and our service model too is very flexible. Moreover Our SEO services not only ensures higher rankings by search engines but it also increases lead generation & it’s subsequent conversion into sales for your business so you certainly get a better ROI.

Our Approach

Once the project is assigned by our client, it is sent to our research team comprising of content analysts & creative writers that includes both technical & non-technical writers. The research team then does a due diligence of the website AND draws out a well-defined SEO strategy that best suits the business interests of our client, from here it is then picked by the SEO delivery team .

Flexi-Pricing Model : we believe that every business more or less needs a different ‘solutioning approach’  depending on it’s volume & nature of business that is when value for money & efforts spent creates a win-win situation for all parties involved .

Expert & mature delivery team : We have a cross qualified & a talented team with several years of experience which is why we completely stand out in the market as we offer customised solutions at very affordable rates which in effect has increased our client retention levels .


Grow your online business using our SEO services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We offer white-hat – Content driven SEO services in order to ensure that we follow the ‘rules of the game’ laid down by Google & other search Engines. We are one of the few in the industry  who provide ‘a la carte’ SEO services, ranging from ‘SEO Training’, ‘monthly SEO Packages’ to SEO consultancy.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM – CPC/PPC)

We provide end to end PPC campaign management services. from ‘creating strategy’, ‘making great landing pages’ that generate more sales and ‘techniques for tracking’ expense of each click , along with sharing weekly / monthly reports. Our services are comprehensive and are focused on Cost-Per-Action keeping in mind your budget.

eCommerce Marketing Solution

Using our analytics framework, we make sense of sales data, uncovering opportunities to increase efficiency, reach new audiences, and maximize conversions. Our holistic eCommerce marketing solution is created with years of experience & knowledge to keep pace with the ever evolving digital ‘e-Commerce’ landscape. Also we’ll cut wasted ad spend and thereby accelerate ‘click-throughs’.

Thus every campaign we launch is measured and tested for the information and insights that will fuel your next big ‘sales success’.

Content Writing

We offer professional SEO writing services to their clients. Be it web content articles, or articulating press release to create online buzz,managing blog for content marketing, or writing a witty product description to generate more online sales are all part of our content management practices. We write search engine friendly content that is appealing to your target audience and visitors. Our team of specialists write to generate high traffic on our client website with unique and SEO friendly articles. Moreover our cost effective services does not compromise on quality.

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