SABEeX was established in 2001, with the intention of providing procurement and training support to the construction industry. SABEeX has internal expertise to provide best practices in procurement. However we realise that our experience will always be limited, so we have built up a wide network of specialist associates with specific expertise, who can be called on for advice. This network extends to various parts of South Africa, as well as international linkages.

Work carried out

We inherited SabEex DMS site sometime mid 2017. Here is the story about making it stable, secure, managable and robust

The Challenge

When we took over of the system, it was in unstable state. Only a few core features working and it was very critical to fix the issues on the site. The site has three version and all of them are out of sync. System was not using any version control or deployment strategy.

The Solution

The first major task was to add all the versions of the site to version control and sync them for an easy deployment. It took some time, efforts, some failures and great amount of patience! But we finally did it!! The next task was to fixing all the issues and adding new features as per the requirements. We did it and have been doing it since then. In December 2018, we initiated stack upgrade. By End of January 2019, we upgraded entire stack of the system, tested and deployed successfully. The system runs smoothly, with we keep it watching constantly.

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